In Ancient Times: Skip meets Elvis, 1957

by Tom Danaher on February 1, 2013

Music roots of Autosalvage reach way back. It’s all about history, really —“A Hundred Days Now, and a Hundred Days a Hundred years ago.”
From Tom and Rick’s shared, American folk and blues roots, to Darius’ introduction of the Medieval instruments via his father of NY Pro Musica, Autosalvage is historical . . . . Then there’s our living history.

In Nashville in’57, Skip was the height of cool. He was playing Rockabilly with Arthur (“Hey Ruby”) Osborne for the likes of Chet Atkins. But just as cool, they were cruisin’ the South in Skip’s ’54 Ford custom. Guitars in the back seat, off they drove to a stadium Elvis show in, maybe, Tallahassee.

In they drove—waved in by security—backstage parking. With guitars, and walking by the Elvis’ trailer…it was him! The King of Rock and Roll was just sitting there, “Hey boys, you playin’ or just catchin’ the show?” And so they stayed and talked about nothing in particular, until a road manager demands, “What are you guys doin’ here?” At which point, Skip and Arthur said “see ya” to the King and walked out front across the stage with guitars to front row seats . . . to tremendous applause.

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